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These temperature readings are taken using an Arduino Ethernet module and is installed in the summerhouse at home.
Using a pair of One Wire Digital Temperature Sensors - DS18B20, the data below shows the temperatures in North Devon, England.
The unit has been running very reliably since 2012, except for the odd power cut.
Although this is a small unit, it is surprisingly accurate and provides remote temperature sensing for very little cost.

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Today's Temperature Graph °C
Today's Temperature Summary
DescriptionTime GMTTemp
Max Outside00:094.94 °C
Min Outside05:343.69 °C
Max Inside00:044.44 °C
Min Inside05:283.44 °C
UK Daylight Saving
Year BST Starts BST Ends
2018Sun 25 March Sun 28 October
2019Sun 31 March Sun 27 October
2020Sun 29 March Sun 25 October
2021Sun 28 March Sun 31 October
2022Sun 27 March Sun 30 October

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